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Best Tips On How To Write The Perfect Conclusion For Your Essays


Best Tips On How To Write The Perfect Conclusion For Your Essays

The conclusion is a very important part of your essay. It defines the end of whatever you’re writing moving forward. While summarizing what you just wrote sounds like child’s play, many students struggle with essay conclusion writing. Before we focus on how to write the perfect conclusion for your essay, let’s have a proper look at what the conclusion paragraph is.

Essentially, a conclusion paragraph defines the essence of the essay you just wrote. It also summarizes the importance of the facts and message you have covered in the essay. The conclusion paragraph gives readers the chance to consume whatever they have read, potentially send them to make a conclusion over what they read.

To become great at writing the conclusion of your essay, here are a few tips worth considering.

Tell your readers that they’re at the conclusion

What better way to tell a reader that they’re heading into a conclusion than actually telling them? Research has shown that by telling the readers that they’re transitioning from the main body of your essay’s message to the conclusion, you heighten their attention making them better retain what you’re telling them.

Include body points

It is very important to add parts of the essay/body points in the conclusion for best results. It coalesces the readers’ attention to the thesis statement/topic. It also gives you the room to tell the readers that you have done your research to what extent, and to what extent they can continue with it. Having ideas enumerated in the conclusion also helps to give readers suggestions/solutions to what brought them to the topic.

Keep it positive

No one wants to hear something negative, if they aim to have their readers happy after reading your essay. When you’re writing it, keep the tone of the sentence as positive as possible for best results. Also remember to emphasize the goodness of your findings, and how it is beneficial to them.

Keep your grammar clean

Grammar is very important in your conclusion. No one likes to hear someone speaking in broken English. When you ensure that the grammar is on point, you make it easier for the reader to digest whatever you’re saying. While at it, use simple sentences, keep ideas relevant to the topic and use simple language - no crazy colloquialism in the conclusion!

Keep an active voice

When you’re writing a conclusion, the tense you use is as important as the message. Use perfect present tense in your conclusion sentences. Also avoid having ambiguous words that will confuse your readers.

Try to write the conclusion first

Some of the best essay writers out there write their conclusion before they even begin to write their essays. This is like telling the readers what they should expect from reading, but at the end. Like what they’re getting and how it will positively impact them. Doing this will also help you be a good essay writer.


In general, the conclusion is very important in your essay. Use the ideas we have shared above to better your conclusions, or better, learn to write good ones.