6 Different Research Paper Topics You Need to Choose From



6 Different Research Paper Topics You Need to Choose From

Students find writing hard and frustrating especially when it comes to narrowing down to appropriate essay topics. Sometimes deciding may not be as easy as it may sounds, because coming up with a research paper topic that will interest and captivate your readers requires critical skill. This article is aimed at making this process simpler; here are some research topics that can interest you.

  1. Obesity Research Paper

Healthy living is a current human obsession and could generate interesting research paper topics, especially when it comes to obesity. This is simply one of the major concerns when it comes to lifestyle conditions, however, it is abroad subject that should be approached carefully. Your research paper topic could center on the emotional effect, stereotypes and distribution of this condition among other topics that you can think of on the subject.

  1. Gay Marriage Research Paper

Unlike in the past when gay marriages were shunned, today they have become a total social norm. And for an avid research student this can be a very good platform to base your research topic. Some of the research topic you can consider on this subject include attitude of certain people or religious groups on the topic, benefits, public opinions and even in same sex parenting and child care. It is a fertile ground for research topics therefore chose an area you feel comfortable with.

  1. Global Warming Research Paper

Global warming and climate change are some of the highly talked about topics in this era of technology and environment pollution. Which translates to enormous research topics and studies. This is a very big area you can consider exploring. As a student you can consider chasing topics like the role man has played in this development, intervention and end results of global warming and climate change. It is also an important learning session considering it can help you find answers to some of your frustrating questions.

  1. Stem Cell Research Paper

Stem cell research paper can be expensive and difficult to crack especially for many students, but that does not mean that it is a no go area. Since this scientific milestone was achieved, it has been a subject of many controversies, which can be very good research topics you can consider exploring. You can research on the benefits and dangers just to mention a few.

  1. Holocaust Research Paper

Holocaust represents historical tragic events of global magnitude and in history there are several of this. The first thing you need to do when you choose this topic is to establish which one you intend to follow and generate topics of research on them. Like in the persecution of Jews and homosexuals can be fertile areas to start with.

  1. Child Abuse Research Paper

Before you settle to explore this topic you need to first of all understand what this subject entails and its current implications. Although child abuse is no longer vile like it used to be in recent decades, it is still an area of concern in some cultures and countries. Your research can center on causes and how it can be prevented in the first place.