College Application






College Application

Over the recent years, I have greatly suffered from various abdominal issues that forced me to deal with numerous doctor's appointments, blood test and surgeries. During this time, I was forced to drop out of school for some time due to my increased struggle with abdominal pain. This as a result led to the drastic drop in my academic performance. I, as a result, developed low self-esteem and self-confidence.

However, the increased medical and emotional support and care from my nurse helped me rediscover myself and adequately cope with my changing health condition. They also helped me understand the importance of myself worth and acceptance of my condition. The aspect improved my confidence and courage to go through life. Through this, I have dedicated my time in caring, helping and inspiring people with various terminal and occupational diseases such as cancer and diabetes. For instance, I have practiced volunteering in churches, schools and taking part in various fundraising activities geared to support in finding the cure for cancer. During my free time, I participate in various dance competitions as well as babysit with different families. Being the oldest in my family, I exercise a sense of self-discipline and take my role and responsibility seriously. I am currently in my senior level in high school.


I am, therefore, writing this letter applying for a nursing admission at your institution. Although nursing programs prove very competitive, I believe that my experience and competence make me an ideal candidate for admission at your institution. Through this, I would be able to help adequately individuals with poor or failing health by offering emotional support, guidance and care, thereby enhancing their ability and zeal to fight confidently their ailment.