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Please describe what you believe the role of architecture to be in the world



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1.Please describe what you believe the role of architecture to be in the world.

Architecture has always been a hallmark for different cultures all over the world. It reflects the ideas and values of the society it belongs to. That is why it is hard to imagine Greece without Acropolis, Brazil without Statue of Christ the Redeemer and of course America without its marvelous Statue of Liberty. These beautiful examples of architecture show that each society has a vast variety of forms and expressions it can convey in architecture. Because of how we change and how we perceive the world, architecture changes with time too. For the last century, it has changed significantly. The reason for that is that we are implementing more and more modern ideas into it.

Architecture is also a reflection of a person’s imagination and above all reflection of his origin and traditions. One can say a lot about the artist judging by his works, about his cultural heritage and his perception of beauty.

In my city architecture has a big importance because of many tourists that come to visit it. Architecture is the first thing that welcomes them. It gives the first impression and gets visitors acquainted with our habits and traditions. Architecture has been around since times immemorial, since the beginnings of civilization, and it has been very important in the way that we express our perception of beauty and the world at large.


2. Please describe an experience that influenced your decision to study architecture.

During my life I have been searching for what I would want to study at the university and it was not easy because of the variety of disciplines that exist. That is why deciding what I am going to do for the rest of my life needed upmost thoroughness and attention. In 10th grade, I was assigned to make a project that had a great impact on me and changed me completely. This assignment was an open topic where we were allowed to do anything that we wanted. I started brainstorming ideas of what it should be. After giving it a careful thought, I decided to choose art for the assignment. I started by taking classes in painting with a teacher who was very talented and skilled in the subject. He taught me different styles and techniques as well as patience that are fundamental things to make a good artist. I was impressed on how fast I improved my technique and also on how much I enjoyed painting and creating pieces of art. Since that time, I knew that my major would be connected with the arts. However, I understood that studying pictorial art was not enough for me and it did not fulfill all my expectations. That is why I chose architecture. It is the career that I think will help me become the person I want to be in the future, a person that can help reshape the city and provide job opportunities for other people in it.

3. Please describe one piece in your portfolio and elaborate on how and why you created this piece.


One of the pieces that represent me as an artist is the image six from my portfolio which portrays a boat sailing in the sea next to a lonely beach in a sunset. This artwork was the first piece in which I used oil paintings, and it was a very different painting from the ones that I had made before. It was the first time when I painted the landscape. For this artwork I needed to learn new techniques because of the complexity that it has on making sea water. I also had to come up with the right colors of the sky because of the sunset orange shades that it has. This painting was recreated from a photo that I had taken some time ago. I chose this picture because I liked the way the photo played with the set of colors on it. I realized that it was going to be a very difficult painting to do, but I was determined to finish it for the benefit of learning new techniques. I think that the meaning of this painting and the idea that it is trying to convey is the way that nature connects with people in a view of a perfect life.