College Application


Over the recent years, I have greatly suffered from various abdominal issues that forced me to deal with numerous doctor's appointments, blood test and surgeries. During this time, I was forced to drop out of school for some time due to my increased struggle with abdominal pain. This as a result led to the drastic drop in my academic performance. I, as a result, developed low self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Blackbody Spectrum Lab

The approximate surface temperature of the star that exhibits peak power spectrum at the border between red and the infrared light, is found to be 4080 K from the simulation. The corresponding temperature in °C is equal to 3806.85° Celsius.

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People like animals all come from one common race scientifically referred to as Homo sapiens. The clustering together of all humans under this facet means that we share some common traits. Our physical structure and biological features tend to function in a similar manner across all humans. However, one person’s behavior, ideas and approach to life significantly differs from another. In fact, identical twins may share similar physical characteristics but differ in their approach to living. Even though, our personalities differ individually, in a cluster there are certain similarities in people (John, 2008). One research has attempted to cluster these attributes in people together. Thus, this essay will compare my personality with the online Big Five Model test and the sixteen model personality theory.

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Assessment & Mitigation Strategy

There are three primary categories of aviation and they include General Aviation, Military Aviation, and Commercial Aviation. General Aviation is characterized as any affable flying machine maneuver that is not categorized in the 14 (Aeronautics and Space) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) section 135,121 and 129. The sorts of the flying machine worked under 14 CFR Part 91 incorporate planes, rotorcraft, lightweight flyers, inflatables, dirigibles, and ultra-lights while 14 CFR Part 21 includes trial and beginner assembled airship.

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Please describe what you believe the role of architecture to be in the world

Architecture has always been a hallmark for different cultures all over the world. It reflects the ideas and values of the society it belongs to. That is why it is hard to imagine Greece without Acropolis, Brazil without Statue of Christ the Redeemer and of course America without its marvelous Statue of Liberty. These beautiful examples of architecture show that each society has a vast variety of forms and expressions it can convey in architecture. Because of how we change and how we perceive the world, architecture changes with time too. For the last century, it has changed significantly. The reason for that is that we are implementing more and more modern ideas into it.

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