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Scribendi services

Usually, in December, I always travel to another country. You see, being a student is no easy job, as I spend most of my day in front of a desk and a computer. You hardly have enough time to visit new places. So, last year, I had deiced to travel to Israel and just like a good student, I took care of all my papers and assignments in advance. To be honest, I did get a bit of help from an essay writing company.

I had worked with so many writing companies and most had caused me enough trouble to hire them again. I had to be careful this time. The one that caught my eye was

Enough Reviews

I decided to check the company by carefully going through the customer reviews of Scribendi. I was pleasantly surprised. Many fellow students said that the company always delivered content on time and most of them agreed that the quality of essays was superb. I must also mention that the company has been in operation since 1997.

This means that they had mastered the right writing skills for almost all kinds of papers. I did not find it necessary to read through every review on their site because my fellow students had endorsed it enough for me. Right there and then, I looked for the contact form and found several ways of contracting them. I opted for a call.

Good Customer Care Agent but High Prices

An agent from Scribendi replied with a friendly tone and explained she was the company’s representative. She further said that the company offers author’s manuscript, Business and Co-operate materials, ESL for students, and personal documents. I did not need all those services.

But it was her right to market her company. I gave her my attention. Finally, I was able to tell her that I needed a 2200-word essay written. I was assured that the essay would be written professionally. Nevertheless, I was to decide if my essay should be done within 8 hours or 1 week. I opted for 8 hours.

The Scribendi agent explained that this would cost $117.99. That was too high for me considering I was going to travel the following week. When I tried to negotiate, the agent told me there was an alternative of having my essay after one week, which meant the price would go down to $59.97.

That was better, but I was still not comfortable with it. I asked for an offer. The agent said the company does not give any discounts to clients. I was also told that the company doesn’t offer any promo code or coupon codes.

Poor-Quality Essay

Moving forward, I found it wise to ask for some samples before I could pay. Unfortunately, I was told they have no samples. I could not understand that. All in all, because I heard many students praising the company, I said to myself that I shouldn’t panic and felt safe to pay for my essay.

I paid for the one-week service. After all, my essay would be submitted online. So, it did not matter where I would be when receiving the work. On the morning of the seventh day, the sent me a feedback message stating that my essay had been sent to my email. I immediately logged in and read the essay and I was extremely disappointed!

The use of grammar was poor and proved to be from a non-native English speaker. Also, the quality wasn’t up to the standards given the amount of money I had paid. Also, there was a misuse of phrases.

As much as the company has a series of great testimonials, and many clients have given them a good rating, there are plenty of negative reviews from some professional reviewers. All in all, I would not recommend any student to order an essay from them.

Scribendi review